Podcast Host Update

This is just a quick update to inform you all that Diligent Loiter is currently switching podcast hosts. We have been using podcastgarden.com since the beginning and have had trouble with their analytics and site speeds. Therefore, we have moved over to ZenCast.fm. ZenCast is in it’s beta testing phase and we were invited to come check it out. All of the old shows should still be playable and all of the old posts here on the website should still have working links.

Let us know if you come across any issues enjoying Diligent Loiter while we make our transition to ZenCast.fm. I want this move to be as smooth as possible.

July 8th will be our first episode going up via ZenCast. I hope to enjoy a nice, long relationship with ZenCast. They seem to have their shit together.

Let us know if shit goes wrong.


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