#35 Lindy Rodriguez Part 2

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We had so much fun talking with Lindy last week that we had to keep the conversation going!

This episode, Lindy tells us how she was on a Booze Cruise and she heard that Jared and Joe had a falling out. Joe goes on to explain the story of how they “broke up”. We also cover the fine art of yard-sailing techniques such as the “I only have $X” the “Walk Away” and Joe tells some of his dad’s success stories. Lindy tells us the difference between White and Red wine glasses. As a bonus, Joe teaches everyone how to check the ripeness of cantaloupes honey dews and pineapples and Nicky teaches us how to test the ripeness of an avocado.

Have you ever wondered how many cats it takes to make you a “Cat Lady”? Well…the answer is 3.

We also talk about Nicky playing hockey and Dental Dams at a bar in downtown Buffalo! What else could you want from a podcast?

Here is a sneak peek at our new business cards!


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