#36-Renaissance Festival Recap with Carolyn, Brian and Rich

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This week, we are joined again by Carolyn Manzella, Brian Burch and Rich X. Nicky and Joe talk about running the Finn McCool 4 Mile Odyssey. Rich actually talks this episode!

Warning: We talk about testicles a lot this episode.

The main topic this episode is the Renaissance Festival in Sterling, New York.

We review: Mead, the People, the Candle Maker, Topsy Turvy, Steak on a Stake, Turkey Legs, Apple Dumplings with Ice Cream, Pork on a Bun, Oh So Much Food…the Comedian Storyteller, Archery and The Sea Dragon Swing.

We also cover: Dungeons and Dragons, Joe’s Magic Tricks, Garbage Plates, Shooting Guns, Cheat Days, the Erie County Fair and Rex Ryan doing a press conference stating that if anybody hits the Patriots Coach, Bill Belichick, in the nuts, they have a roster spot on the Buffalo Bills team, even if you haven’t play football before.




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