#50 Ty Hernandez and the 50th Celebration!

Well, the idea was to have all 3 of the original co-hosts back in studio again for a “Co-Hosts of Podcasts Past” episode to celebrate our 50th. But, just like back in 2013, I was not able to get everyone’s schedules to work out. Jared had to do homework, even though he knew about the recording session weeks in advance. Troy just wouldn’t tell me if the times worked or not. Turns out he had to ditch us so he could do the horizontal shuffle. The only one that could make it was Ty Hernandez! We still had fun.

This week we cover the hard hitting topics of Selfie Stick Self Defense, Ty’s dream girl, an Automatic Sperm Extractor, and we relive some classic Jared moments.

We also had a surprise call from someone who was listening live! Who was it? Where are they from? What did they have to tell us? Listen to find out!

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