New Episodes Are Coming!

After a grueling winter filled with weddings and other DJ events, we have finally rebuilt the podcast studio! Everything is in place and poised for some serious recording sessions. New recordings/broadcasts (via youtube) will be starting NEXT WEEK! We will start releasing them at the end of the month and will be back on track!

We had to take a break from the podcast in order to fully devote our time and energy into the budding business of being DJs. We had to buckle down and focus on making sure we got everything right. We are still focusing diligently on the DJ side of things, but we are ready to loiter over at the podcast too!

Diligent Loiter: We’re serious about doing nothing.

Diligent Loiter is a dichotomy for our business now. We are Diligent and serious in the wedding industry and we Loiter and relax in the podcast world. It’s a perfect was to describe us. We are the Yin and Yang. The Diligent and the Loiter.

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